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Take the Trip of Your Dreams

Welcome to Faith in Wings Travel. We’re your premiere travel resource located in Whittier, CA. We’ll help to plan your vacations or other trips so you don’t have to. Stress free and detailed solutions delivered to you.

We’re here to make your travel planning a breeze.

Stop spending endless hours in front of your computer comparing prices between flights, hotels and rentals. Stop worrying about figuring out complicated logistics of getting to your desired location in time. We’re here to take care of all your needs.

Time Saving

To plan and book your own trip, you’d have to set aside hours of time online or on the phone. And you could easily miss a key detail. Travel advisors provide one-stop shopping for everything you need for your vacation or business trip.

Large Networks to Help You

Travel agencies are members of large networks, which give them a great deal of influence with travel suppliers. As a result, we can offer our clients complimentary perks such as hotel room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, and dining or spa credits.

Trips on a Budget

Agents are experts who can help you create a budget,  to stick to it before and while you are on your trip, so you can have a good time and not break the bank.

Travel Easy

Travel Agents can handle every aspect of your trip from lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours and much more! From the most simple hotel weekend getaway to traveling around the world.

When You Most Need Help

Your flight gets canceled. A natural disaster hits the area you’re visiting. You get sick during your trip. Your passport is stolen. If you book online, don’t expect much help when an emergency hits. But travel advisors will be there for you (usually 24/7), and will be able to resolve the problem.

Personal Touch

Travel agents offer customer service to your travel experience, offering help and advice not available on a website.

Looking to Plan a Business Trip for Your Company?

Looking to Plan a Personal Vacation?

Leave the hassle of planning your vacations to us.

Follow the steps below and we’ll book and schedule your trip while you pack your bags 🙂


Step 1: Location and Budget


Step 2: Confirm Your Plan


Step 3: Make Your Payment


Step 4: Pack your bags and go!

All types of travel. Booked.



Are you looking for a corporate travel service that will manage every aspect of your trip? We specialize in providing seamless solutions for all of your business travel needs.




Whether your next trip is hiking to the top of Machu Picchu,  walking the Great Wall of China, or connecting with the destination you’ve been reading about, exploring the world or your backyard. A well designed vacation package can be arranged with sightseeing, cooking/Art classes…the possibilities are endless. Let us help you plan your next dream vacation.



Wedding Destination

Let our Wedding Specialists help you sort through your many options and help plan that perfect wedding! Our consultants are available by appointment according to your schedule including evenings and weekends.



Faith Based

Part of the beauty of group travel is enjoying the travel experience with other like-minded individuals. A group to the Holy Land, a trip through the churches of Europe, or an escorted group tour escorted by your favorite pastor are just a few examples of the customized trips that Faith in Wings Travel can organize, plan, and even help with fundraising for your religious organization.


Looking to Plan a Personal Vacation?